When Repairing a Fence is Smarter Than Replacing it

While it is true that we are in the business of building fences, we also repair fences. When a fence repair is the better choice, we aren’t so quick to recommend that you replace a fence instead. If we treat you fairly and tell you when a repair is the better option, we’d like to think you’ll remember us when it’s time to replace that fence.

Here are some circumstances in which you might consider a fence repair rather than a replacement.


You’re moving

When a broken fence needs replacement, it may seem like you’re leaving the problem for the next owner if you merely repair the fence. However, the next owner may have very definite preferences in fence styles, and those preferences may be entirely different than yours. If it’s a situation where the fence is a common factor in the neighborhood, such as an HOA, leaving it probably isn’t an option.

You should also take into consideration that a fence has a huge curb appeal factor, and, unless your market is excellent, the old fence may detract some folks from making an offer, according to real estate people . It’s a judgment call that depends on a few different factors unique to your situation. For example, whether or not you have the money.

When only a small portion is damaged, or limited parts are damaged

If you have a wood fence, you already know that it’s much more susceptible to the harsh abuse of the elements. At the same time, a wood fence can be repaired followed by painting, which will cover the fact that some of the boards or other parts are newer than others. It’s something to keep in mind.

When the bulk of the fence is still in pretty good shape

If a small portion of the fence is damaged, but the rest of the fence is badly worn, a new fence is coming soon, and a repair would be throwing good money after bad. But, when the bulk of the fence is still in excellent shape, a fix is a worthy consideration. A repair is an especially good idea if the damage is limited in scope.

Diligent attention is the key to prevention

Diligent attention is the key to keeping fence repairs small and relatively inexpensive. By managing repairs when they’re small, the damage is not permitted to extend to more of the structure. Things like water, rodents, insects, soil upheaval, and other types of damage can be caught early and repaired immediately. Thus, a fence is kept in the best shape possible and not subject to significant repairs until and unless it finally gets old enough to be replaced.

If you have questions about repairs, a replacement, or the general integrity of your fence, give us a call. We don’t just replace fences; we repair them, too!

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