Reasons to Build a Commercial Dumpster Enclosure

One of the less appealing things which a commercial business has to consider is the aesthetics and security issues which affect their dumpster area. A great option which solves many dumpster issues is a dumpster enclosure. A dumpster enclosure provides a business with a secure fence and gate surrounding their waste disposal. The enclosure can either be part of a niche or a freestanding arrangement. Today we’re going to talk about some considerations a business should keep in mind while they consider the idea of a dumpster enclosure

While graffiti on a dumpster is technically not the responsibility of the business, it’s unsightly and reflects poorly on the ambiance of the building’s exterior.

While graffiti on a dumpster is technically not the responsibility of the business, it’s unsightly and reflects poorly on the ambiance of the building’s exterior.


Pests can be problematic in any area of the city. Pests such as coyotes, rats, cats, and other vermin are attracted to waste odors. An enclosure will deter pests from burrowing in the garbage or trying to eat food waste. A pest problem is an embarrassment to any business, even if the animals limit their activities to the trash area. A commercial dumpster enclosure solves the pest problem immediately.


Pests aren’t always animals. They can be of the human variety, too. Not only can people who rummage through your dumpster be a security threat, but they can also put themselves in danger on your property. Also, they can create an undesirable criminal element. Rather than worry about the potential repercussions, securely enclosing the dumpster will keep foragers from stopping by.

The second security issue to an unenclosed dumpster are people who are tempted to use your trash receptacles as their waste disposal dump rather than using their own or paying to have items hauled away. Surprisingly common, a regular ‘dumpster space thief’ can cause overflow, unwanted traffic, and messes.


Let’s face it; dumpsters are not attractive. They are necessary and welcome but are also unsightly. Conversely, nothing looks more beautiful than a trash area which is enclosed by a privacy fence. A suitable enclosure can turn an ugly eyesore into an area which is a clean and unobtrusive way to dispose of garbage.

Building codes and logistics

A commercial dumpster enclosure built by a licensed fence company means that they will construct the structure following all local building regulations. The gate will be securable and robust. As the pros deal with this kind of enclosure all the time, they will also ensure that your waste disposal company will have free and clear access, which is a crucial component of a successful enclosure set-up.

A business has other things to concern themselves with than garbage problems. An attractive dumpster enclosure will bring security, cleanliness, beauty, and peace of mind. If you’re considering an enclosure for your dumpster, we can help! Give us a call.

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