The Value of a Residential Trash Enclosure

A homeowner who has ever had a home with one never questions the value of a designated trash enclosure. While it doesn’t seem to be the first ‘best choice’ in home upgrades, a trash enclosure is much more than a place to keep the trash cans.


Typically a residential trash enclosure can be constructed as part of the side or back fence area. One gate will lead out to the front of the property where cans are taken on trash pickup days. The other entrance will lead out to the backyard. The enclosure can have a concrete or asphalt slab flooring, and be covered or uncovered.

Here are some of the reasons homeowners ask us to build them a residential trash enclosure.

Pet safety

Aside from the regular culprits who can get into your trash, such as the neighbor’s dog, stray cats, and roof rats, the family dog can also be tempted by the odors emanating from garbage cans. Not only can it be annoying when the family pet gets into the garbage, but it can also be a health hazard to the animal, who can become sick as a result of eating things he shouldn’t.


A trash enclosure prevents garbage from creating an odor, being an eyesore or taking up valuable space in the garage. Also, the items which are  collected for city pickup for larger items can be stowed safely without remaining as a nuisance in the home or garage.

Some families engage in aluminum recycling in addition to the regular recycle bin. If homeowners are interested in saving things like aluminum cans for cash, a trash enclosure hides scrap projects from potential thieves.

Vandals and thieves

A trash can is a premium target for vandals and other crimes. Anyone who has ever had their trash can be knocked over can testify to the mess and annoyance. Also, Identity theft doesn’t require breaking into a mailbox anymore; many documents of a sensitive nature are tossed openly into the trash, making them an easy target.

Pest control

Ants, cockroaches, crickets, and other pests can be a nuisance, particularly in the summer months. No one wants pests to infest a garage. Having a trash enclosure makes pest control safe and secure without endangering children and pets.

Some families make their trash enclosure quite large and use the space to help secure the children’s bicycles, so they don’t need to keep them in the garage and create a security issue each time they use their bikes. Pool items, firewood, and gardening supplies are also candidates for storing in an enlarged trash enclosure. Anything the homeowner doesn’t want cluttering up their yard and making it an eyesore can be stored in an extended trash enclosure. Not only does a trash enclosure facilitate clean garbage management, but it’s also an excellent investment in security, aesthetics and space management.

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