Is it Time for a New Pool Fence?

Now that the weather is warming up it’s time to start thinking about pool season and keeping the pool secure. While the pool should always be protected, kids have much more interest in a pool during the summer, when they see swimmers, pool toys, and other fun activities surrounding the pool. During the summer, those who have a cover take it off, as well, which makes it even more attractive to the little ones.

Today we talk about some circumstances which might create the need for a new pool fence. We’re always honored to be chosen for a customer’s pool fencing needs. Here are some of the reasons pool owners call us when they need a fence:

A new pool needs a new fence

We also repair pool fencing!

We also repair pool fencing!

Whether it’s an in-ground or above ground, or even if it’s a hot tub, if you build a new pool, it has to be fenced. The fence which is around your backyard isn’t enough. The fence has to be code-compliant, and your HOA may have rules about new fencing, too.

The old fence is worn out

Whether it’s the fence or the gate, all of the parts of your pool fence have to remain secure at all times. Sure, after the initial fence is built, the inspector will come and approve your fence, but when it gets older, you have to become your own inspector and make sure your fence is secure. If you have concerns about the safety of your pool fence, please, call us.

You want to match the surroundings anymore

Sometimes the old pool fence doesn’t ‘fit’ in anymore. Maybe the trees grew too big, and the fence needs to be moved to accommodate them. Maybe you’re adding a hot tub or changing features of the pool. If a change is in order, then make the fence match the changes.

On that same vein, some homeowners decide they want a fence with more privacy, or conversely, a fence they can see through. Everyone has their taste in fencing, and it may not be what came with the house or what seemed adequate when it was initially installed.

Everyone wants their pool fence to be safe, look good, and blend with the surroundings. If your fence is lacking in one of these areas, it may be time to replace it. If you’re considering a change, or if you need a fence for a new pool or hot tub, give us a call. We can help!

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