Does Your Mom Need a Fence Repair?

May is the month we celebrate our Moms, which reminds us that they are getting a little older and could use a little help now and then. One of the things that Mom (and Dad) might not do so often anymore is to get out and enjoy the yard. As a result, sometimes things can fall into a state of disrepair. So, today we’re going to teach you some ways to determine if your Mom needs a fence repair.



Wood fencing needs more maintenance than other types of fencing, so it’s no surprise that it’s the one which most frequently needs repair or replacement. Small holes, warping, peeling or flaking paint, missing slats or loose fence posts are all reasons a wood fence needs a little attention. Mom’s children can perform many minor fence repairs. ;)

For more extensive repairs, or if the fence seems like it needs more repairs than is fiscally wise, call a fence company to come out and do an assessment of the fence. It may be cheaper to replace part of it.


Vinyl is a sturdy, low maintenance fence material, but it can eventually crack, especially if it’s hit by something such as a car. If vinyl fencing has been damaged, usually replacement of a portion of it is sufficient unless its old.


Aluminum and wrought iron don’t generally wear out. Again, the critical problem is usually dents from impact, extreme weather, or, in some cases, a shift in the soil which can result in a disagreeable appearance. Stainless steel rusts, so be prepared for that if you have a stainless steel fence.

Loose fence posts

Many factors can cause loose fence posts. Sometimes a fencepost which isn’t cemented into the ground can become rotted or infested with termites. As always, damage from weather or accidents can also cause fencepost problems.

The gate

Regardless of the type of fencing material, an operational gate is a crucial part of fence ownership. If the gate doesn’t function, hangs up, or has some other type of problem that can’t be repaired with a little grease or elbow grease, give us a call. We’d be happy to assess what kind of repair it needs, regardless of if it’s for your house or your Mom’s.

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