A Fence for Your Dog


Sometimes a homeowner will want a fence to keep their dog contained. The little dog, the one who can sneak underneath a fence, can be contained relatively easily.  But the bigger dogs can also sometimes jump over it with ease. 

This Youtube video shows a dog jumping over a chain-link fence. It presents some points that we’re going to go over, and the first one is options.


Once a homeowner decides to have a fence built to keep the dog in, there are a few factors to consider. First of all, there are options regarding the material and direction of the fence.  A chain link fence provides tiny ‘footholds.’  You can see the dog in our video takes advantage of that to get himself over the fence.  So, if you have a climbing dog, chain link might not be your best first option. Likewise, a six-foot wood fence with rails available on the same side as t he dog may invite that dog to jump by using the top rail as a foothold.

When a solid fence is best


In most normal situations, a six-foot fence should contain a normal dog. The fence should also be well-built and comprised of high-quality materials. 

For especially high-energy pets, discouraging engagement with outside factors can allow the dog the opportunity to remain calm and learn to amuse itself in other ways.  Sometimes, dogs who can see every jogger and passing car spend a lot of time barking and running along the perimeter of the fence. Instead of permitting this, and possibly causing a problem with the neighbors due to barking, opt for a solid panel fence so it isn’t as easy for the dog to see out. A solid panel fence will also discourage toe-holding. 

Dogs who have plenty of water, shade, and ways to amuse themselves (besides barking at passing joggers!) will also be less inclined to jump or bark.

About invisible fences

Some homeowners ask about an electric or ‘invisible’ fences to keep the dedicated jumpers in the yard. Our experts tell us that the effectiveness of such a measure depends greatly on the dog, including its temperament, how much fur the dog has, etc. It should also be noted that the dog has to have contact with the ground for an electric fence to work. Some animals will give the wire a little test and are then convinced the fence shoots lightning bolts and never test it again. Some dogs can become truly terrified and associate the yard with pain. (Also, if the dog happens to pee on the fence, he may need psychiatric therapy.) Other dogs shrug it off’. So an electric or ‘invisible’ fence isn’t something we’d recommend for a dog without having a heart-to-heart with your trainer or veterinarian. Think of it as the last option of many.

Keeping a dog safe and contained is not always straightforward, but a quality fence with a solid gate can give the pet owner peace of mind and provide a safe, happy place for the dog to enjoy.

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