Why Your Residence Might Need an Automatic Gate

As fence contractors and gate fabricators, we see many people forget one of the essential points of their security--the gate. The gate should be the first thing on the list of considerations during a fencing project. Sometimes, a homeowner will relegate a gate choice to the background during the excitement of building a new fence. But, as we will see, decisions about the type of gate can make a huge difference in the final product.

This gate provides security, convenience and value.

This gate provides security, convenience and value.

Not all gates are created equal, but, when it’s possible to do so, adding an automatic gate makes such sense. It offers a property-wide measure of security with the control of automation. Safety, convenience, and value are some of the features an automatic gate adds to a residential property.


An automatic gate will prevent strangers, bot those in a vehicle and pedestrians, from entering the property without permission. This extra security means a home is safe and protected even when the alarm isn’t activated, such as when the children or pets want to go out and play in the yard.

Also, when children and pets play in the yard, parents and pet owners have peace of mind knowing that they can’t wander off the property into the street or other dangers.


Drivers tout the convenience of being able to obtain access to the property from a car without having to get out as the number one reason they love automatic gates. Whether a keypad or remote access provides entry, drivers love not having to exit the car and wrestle a gate.

Those who have limited physical movement can allow visitors entrance from inside the home without having to walk all the way to the gate to let them in, too.

No gate! An open driveway allows anyone access to the property at any time.

No gate! An open driveway allows anyone access to the property at any time.


In addition to being a significant investment in the property and security, an automatic gate instantly provides a show for potential buyers that the property is of sufficient value to require protection, but not merely a regular gate: one that will add convenience and ease to the lives of current and future owners for years to come.

Automatic gates are made to match all fence types. Whether the gate needs to be swing, sliding, or boom, there is an automatic gate which will work in every situation. They are built to be secure, safe, and beautiful.

The secret to finding the best gate is to find a custom gate fabrication contractor who will work with the homeowner and property to create and install an automatic gate which will meet all of their needs for convenience and security.

Also, a gate fabricator will be knowledgeable on the zoning laws which may affect the fence and gate perimeters. Hiring a fence and gate contractor will also prevent expensive DIY mistakes which many homeowners and others face when they put in an automatic gate.

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