How to Choose a Great Fence for Your Home

Choosing a fence for your home can be a tremendous amount of fun, or it can be a hassle, depending on how you go about it. Each fence is going to be different, even if it’s in the same neighborhood or built with the same materials.

Today we’re going to talk about some of the different aspects of choosing a fence, and offer some tips to make it an enjoyable experience.



Your budget is significant and should be respected. Whether you’re planning on taking out a loan to fund the project or have been saving up the money to pay for it, the fence you choose should fall within your budget and the ROI of the neighborhood. It may seem strange to get straight talk when it comes to ROI, but it’s something that should be thoughtfully considered.


The way to identify your fencing needs is to ask yourself why you need a fence. Your needs will determine your options, whether it’s to establish a boundary, keep the kids in the yard, or beautify your landscaping. Sometimes, needs aren’t just limited to the primary requirement that drove a homeowner to decide to get a fence. You may need one for several reasons, which should all be determined before you make a selection. Examples of secondary needs are hard use, privacy, and unique terrain.


Some HOA’s and all municipalities have laws regarding fencing options. Knowing those laws is crucial to determining many aspects of the fencing project. It’s essential that an HOA or other authority not to have cause to fine a homeowner and demand the removal of a half-finished or even a completed fence.


Each neighborhood and municipality has their development codes when it comes to fencing, but another consideration is whether or not the fence will be consistent with the character and ambiance of the neighborhood, even while falling within those guidelines.


All fences require care at some point. Whether it is cleaning, painting, rust removal, or something else, understanding the maintenance which is going to be involved, and committing to getting that done when the time comes is part and parcel of successful fence ownership. If the maintenance doesn’t fit your lifestyle or abilities, it will not look good in a few years.

Talking to a pro

Talking to a professional fence installer is a critical part of many of the aspects we’ve discussed. For example, if you want a wrought iron fence, but don’t want the hassle of rust removal, you may want to look at aluminum fencing. A pro can steer you in the right direction.

A professional is also well versed in the brands available, their strengths and drawbacks. They can offer their experience and give you some great insight on which type of fencing will work for your situation.

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