Fencing to Keep Children Safe

As the weather cools, the children and pets will be more inclined to go outside to play. We want them to be safe and know you do, too. One of the most rewarding things about being in the fencing business is knowing that our fences and gates keep families secure. Not just to create security by preventing entry from the outside, but also by providing an enclosure where children can enjoy playing outdoors when they are at home. Here are some of the benefits fencing can provide for your children:

Safe confinement

Children are naturally curious, and their curiosity will incline them to explore. Their exploration may include wandering off into places which can be too far or too dangerous, such as roads, ditches, flood irrigation areas, and stranger’s homes. A fence prevents that by confining children safely.



But, safety isn’t the only thing fencing offers children. Fencing also provides children protection from dogs and wildlife which can wander onto an unfenced property. In spite of leash laws, a dog can easily slip away from owners. Coyotes, javelina, and other fauna can manage to find their way into yards, even in the city. Fencing helps protect children who may not always be aware of the dangers a strange animal can present.


A fence delineates the space in which a child is safe and welcome. Children appreciate knowing where it is safe for them to explore without fear. Not only does it make children feel secure, but parents also benefit from the peace of mind that fencing brings.

Fencing material logistics

Fencing needs to be sturdy and not have any parts which could potentially cause entrapment. Wood fencing needs to be free from nails or splinters which could harm children, even if it means painting the fence. The fence height should be at least one meter. Children can sometimes be destructive, something a homeowner should consider before choosing fencing material.

The latches should be chosen for the age of the child. For example, the latch should be out of reach of younger children. But, it should be accessible to older children who may need to use it to get to their bikes and perform outdoor chores. It should also be locked as required. Gates should be self-closing and self-latching to prevent being accidentally left open.

If you have children and you’re considering fencing off part or all of your property, why not give us a call? We can help guide you toward the best options in fencing to protect your children.

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