The Hidden Values of Fencing

Fences can block out sights and sounds.

Fences can block out sights and sounds.

Fences protect in a number of ways. Of course, they offer security and even safety. But, a fence can also help keep the sights and sounds in and out for a homeowner. By this, we mean that a fence can both hide the things we don’t want to seen and heard by others and hide the stuff from others that we don’t want to see and hear.

Hiding the unsightly

There are some dismally unattractive features of a home, which, while they can’t be removed, can be successfully covered with a fence.  An example of this is an air conditioning unit. Not only can the a/c be hideously noisy (think: a jet cleared for takeoff), but the machinery itself can be unsightly. Ugly things detract from curb appeal and the value of the neighborhood, which is why an HOA can get a bit rabid so quickly. 

Other less attractive needs for a home are things like trash cans, which, in addition to being hidden for aesthetic purposes are less likely to be knocked over by wind or wandering animals, or be pilfered through by identity thieves.

Lastly, pool equipment can be tucked behind fencing to clean up the view and make the pool more attractive. While a wrought iron fence can create an attractive presentation and terrific safety feature for the pool, it’s a less-than-ideal option for the filter and other accouterments necessary for pool function.

Hiding the ugly parts of a home is a righteous use of fencing, but some homeowners like the privacy fencing provides, especially when they want to avoid the prying eyes of neighbors or passersby. Privacy is one of the premiums of fencing. 

Keeping sights and sounds out

Perhaps the homeowner has a beautiful new a/c tucked behind a wall somewhere, keeps the trash cans in the garage and doesn’t have a pool. He may need fencing anyway, under certain circumstances.

If he lives near a school or a gun range, a homeowner may decide to put up a fence to keep the sound to a dull roar. A fence makes an excellent sound barrier, especially one which is fittted w with an exterior grade acoustical blanket.

Here are two fabulous reasons to put up fencing instead of arguing with the neighbors: Mt Horeb's Main Street is the home of fifteen life sized trolls.

Here are two fabulous reasons to put up fencing instead of arguing with the neighbors: Mt Horeb's Main Street is the home of fifteen life sized trolls.

The neighbor may have an ugly house, or car, or even a horde

In the event of an ugly house or car, fencing will successfully eliminate the sight.  In the event the neighbor keeps a horde, some would say it’s easier to get the city to address the horde issue. But, in many instances, this will become an ongoing battle of wills between homeowners. If it isn’t a horse, it will be weeds or dead grass, or something else. Make the neighbor mad enough, and he may decide to put something legal-but-ugly in his front yard, like these trolls in the front of a Mt. Horeb business of Main Street. 

The adage ‘good fences make good neighbors’ applies in situations where it’s easier to own a fence than it is to fume and harbor animosity for those close at hand.

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