Why Your Business Might Need an Automated Gate

Whether you have a business or a commercial building, a warehouse or something in between, when security is an issue, an automated gate offers businesses a great security solution. Today, we’re going to talk about some of the reasons a company will choose an automated gate, the benefits of them and the solutions they provide.


On-demand access

With a passcode or card, only those who are authorized have access to the property.

When automated gates are coupled with motion cameras, they create precision in security features. A business owner can track who is on the property, the time they were there, and the time of their departure. For even greater control, alarms which can be set to alert to unauthorized or failed entry attempts.

Ease of entry

An automated gate not only cuts down on the need for security personnel but also provides ease of entry into a gated enclosure which has to be accessed on a regular basis. The business will remain secure without the need for employees or other agents to exit the vehicle and open the gate to drive through. Many automated gates can be set to close when they sense the car has passed through.

This gate has to be opened and closed by the driver at every entry and exit, making security lapses much more likely.

This gate has to be opened and closed by the driver at every entry and exit, making security lapses much more likely.

Professional appearance

An automated gate tells everyone, including employees, neighbors and customers alike, that a business takes their security seriously. Secure businesses exude an aura of gravitas and professionalism which promotes a positive image in the community. Employees not only recognize management’s attention to safety but also appreciate the comfort of working in a safe environment.


An automated gate will prevent outsiders from accidentally wandering or driving onto the property. Also, thieves and vandals much prefer the odds of hitting an unsecured location than one which is gated. Merely having an automated gate system will prevent break-ins, theft, vandalism, and other criminal activity from occurring. An automated gate also provides privacy since most gates are situated at the perimeter of a property, away from prying eyes.

Property value

The property value of a business in which an automated gate is installed is higher than one without. The potential for damage by accidental or deliberate unauthorized entry is eliminated, as well.


Automated gates come in a variety of style and material options. They can match the existing fence, be installed at the time the fence is installed, or be completely independent of a fence. A good fencing company can install an automated gate which meets the needs of the business while enhancing the attractiveness of the property. The ability to use many types of materials and styles available dramatically increases the options in function, security, and aesthetic appeal of an automated gate. Talk to your fence company today about installing an automated gate for your business.

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