What Makes a Great Fencing Company?

You've made the decision: you want a fence, but you want it to be sturdy, and beautiful, and meet all the local building codes. Oh, and you don’t want it to violate your HOA. Wanting to have a gorgeous, high-quality fence is fair. But, how do you find a great fence and gate company? Today we’re going to look at some ways to find the fence and gate company that will meet your needs.


You can’t really tell what a great crew these guys are until after they build your fence!

You can’t really tell what a great crew these guys are until after they build your fence!

Experience is an excellent teacher. The truth is, after you practice doing something on a daily basis under a multitude of conditions, a person gets good at it.

But, there’s more to it than that. ‘Good enough’ is not good enough for some companies. Some companies believe that each fence is a chance to improve and excel and create a truly exceptional fence. That’s the kind of company you want to build your fence.


The second thing you have to ask is if the company you want builds the kind of fence you want. Some companies specialize in chain link, wood fences, or iron fencing. Do they repair fences, as well? What about welding? When you want to hire the best, you’ll want someone who can do everything, and do it well.


After quality and experience, the price is a factor. When you hire a fencing company, you want to hire someone who respects how hard you worked for your money, and prices their work accordingly. We aren’t talking about a company that is cheap and shoddy. We mean a company that tries to offer an exceptionally fair value. A fair value always includes a free estimate and a guarantee.


When a person purchases something as substantial as a fence, they want an assurance that the fence is going to be what they were promised. A fence must be sturdy, must be made from quality materials, and must be straight and true. Before you order a fence, ask about the workmanship and manufacturer's warranties.

Great reviews

Great reviews mean happy customers, which is a high indicator of what a new customer can expect from a company when they hire one. Good reviews show that a fencing company is genuinely concerned about the needs of the customers and want to make each one happy.


FInding someone who will build a fence is easy. Finding a fencing company that is licensed and insured is a better value for you, the customer because it takes the burden of liability off your shoulders. No one wants to drive their car without insurance, and no one wants to hire a contractor who doesn’t have insurance. Because when that post hole digger ruptures a gas line, the uninsured contractor will disappear like a puff of smoke.


A great fencing company also does repairs. If your neighbor hits the gas instead of the clutch, it’s not fair to leave you in a lurch without a backup plan. A good fencing company is a plan for a great fence, and the backup plan if something happens.

We hope that this has given you some thoughts on what makes a great fencing company. If you are thinking of having a fence built and want a free estimate, we’d be happy to come out and give you one.