Vinyl Fencing is a Worthwhile Option

Do you want a fence that never warps, fades, bows or rots? 

Think about vinyl. The options available from which to choose make vinyl an increasingly popular choice in fencing. Made of PVC, vinyl fencing is for the homeowner who is so done with fence maintenance, and wants something that will look great forever once it's installed.

Today we’re going to talk about some of the options a homeowner can choose from when it comes to vinyl fencing.


While white and tan are the traditional colors of vinyl fencing, a homeowner can pick from a wide variety of colors. The only thing to remember is that colors will raise the price of vinyl fencing. While a homeowner is in the market for a fence with many options, though, it’s worthwhile to choose what is desired with vinyl fencing., Why? Because vinyl lasts and lasts, without painting, restaining, recoating, or any other maintenance nonsense beyond giving it a good scrubbing once in a while. 

Curb appeal!

Curb appeal!

Curb appeal

Chameleon-like, vinyl fencing can be charming or sophisticated; it can look like wood, and though it is a little more expensive, it doesn’t fade or rot like wood, and the termites have to go elsewhere for a meal. It won’t rust like metal, either. 


A homeowner can choose from a variety of fencing styles with vinyl.  Privacy fencing,  picket fencing, tongue and groove, cross buck fence, or ranch rail fence are just some of the options of styles available in vinyl.  

Recyclable and non-toxic

Not only does vinyl have tremendous durability, when it’s finally time to replace it, the old fencing is recyclable.  For a homeowner who has children or pets, vinyl comes with the peace of mind of knowing that it’s splinter free and non-toxic. 

Speaking of pets, since vinyl fencing is smooth, cats and other pets (we’re looking at you, Mr. Roof rat!) have a harder time climbing it. Even brand new wood fencing is scalable because a cat’s claws can penetrate it.

Your friendly fencing company!

Your friendly fencing company!


One of the significant drawbacks of vinyl fencing is the price.  Vinyl can cost more than other types of fence, so the homeowner has to consider price and whether the longevity of vinyl fencing makes it a worthwhile option for his situation.  If the homeowner plans on staying for a long time and wants something which looks good and doesn’t require his time to maintain, it may very well be worthwhile to get vinyl fencing.

Those who are planning to move might choose vinyl, as well, because of it’s high curb appeal. It’s tough to regret something which looks so good.

The other thing is that vinyl doesn’t have the same aesthetic appeal for the homeowner who has his heart set on wood.  Wood has a certain feel to it, and if that’s what the homeowner wants, even though vinyl can admirably replicate the look of wood from afar, it isn’t wood. 

The last thing is that in very moist situations, vinyl can mold, algae, or mildew.  We live in a dry climate, so this isn’t much of a problem here, but it would be remiss not to mention it. A good scrubbing will keep these villains from staining a vinyl fence. 

Regardless of what a homeowner finally chooses in fencing, vinyl is worth looking into as one of the options. It’s clean, safe and maintenance free.  

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