Reasons Homeowners Replace a Fence

It takes a lot for a homeowner to justify ditching an old fence. Whether the problem is sentiment, economics, or just the hassle, some people have a hard time deciding to replace an old fence. When they finally call us, the reasons they want to replace a fence fall into a few major categories. Today, we’ll talk about some of them.

It’s old

When an old fence gets to the end of its lifespan, a homeowner knows. The old fence may be unsafe, sagging, is no longer attractive, has been repaired too many times, or doesn’t have the options the homeowner wants. Damage such as splinters, stains, rust, stains, and other signs of wear are also mentioned as reasons people replace their tired old fence.


The home needs a serious aesthetic boost

Whether a homeowner is looking to maximize the curb appeal of their home, or if they’re looking to upgrade their forever home, a new fence fits the bill in both circumstances. Sometimes the fence came with the house and doesn’t suit the tastes of the homeowner, or the neighborhood has changed, and the old fence no longer fits into the ambiance of the community. A beautiful fence has a tremendously high ROI during a home sale.

The old fence isn’t working for the kids or pets

When a three-foot fence doesn't contain your Doberman puppy, pool, or horse, or the play area needs a fence to separate it from the rest of the yard; a new fence will solve the problem. Homeowners cite kids and pets as the reason homeowners want to replace or add to their current fence.


Whether you have an ugly view of your neighbor’s backyard or want to keep him from watching yours, a privacy fence will do more than change the view. In addition to prying eyes, it will also block out noise and dust. Privacy also offers security.


Home security is always better with a well-built fence. While we tend to think of thugs and burglars when we consider safety, we should also keep in mind that a fence will also keep out stray animals and that little kid next door who keeps sneaking onto your kids’ swing set and falling off.

While security can involve things like keeping the kids in, it is more often the mechanism to keep things out. When a fence is hard to see through, hard to climb, hard to unlock (the gate), it becomes an issue for burglars, who don’t want their escape route blocked in the event they get caught.

Of course, there are other reasons homeowners replace their fence, but these are the most common reasons offered. If one of these reasons offered struck a nerve and you’d like to talk about some new fencing options, you can always call us for a free estimate.