Dog Run Fencing

Owning a dog is a joy and a responsibility. When a homeowner put the dog in the backyard, it needs to be safe and have a place to play and enjoy the fresh air. Dog run fencing provides a secure zone for the dog and keeps parts of the yard off-limits to the dog. 

In some situations, the portion of the yard perfect for the pet will be clear. But, in other cases, some careful analysis yields the best spot. Fencing companies are well-versed in the best place to locate dog run fencing and can advise a homeowner. Here is an overview of dog run fencing requirements, materials, and suggestions. 



Unless there is a connecting dog door into the home, the owner needs to be able to see the dog, and the dog needs to be able to see the owner. For this reason, the dog run fencing should be in a location which has direct visual access. 


A pet needs a place of shelter. Shade for the dogs is essential. Shade is non-negotiable. Heatstroke will kill a dog, which can also suffer from sunburn and burns to the pads of their feet. It’s too hot here to have an animal enclosure which is in full sun at any part of the day. 

Sometimes a pet owner will have a shady little area between the house and the property fence or wall and want a dog run there. This area can be suitable if it doesn’t have a drip edge coming from the roof. Side yards are notorious for becoming flooded or muddy during rain. 


Dogs need a place off the ground in both summer and winter. As we mentioned before, dogs feet will burn on concrete, rocks, and granite in the summer. A dog bed, mat, or something similar will give the dog a comfortable place to settle.


A dog run needs water at all times. Be careful that the water isn’t in the sun, where it can become too hot to drink. It should be impossible for the biggest dog to tip over, and low enough for even the shortest pet to reach. Also, make sure to replenish it regularly, as it can become a haven for insects.

Fencing materials

Chain Link is the most common dog run fencing material. While it’s not particularly attractive in its own right, it can be painted to match the foliage or surrounding elements, or even plastic coated.  

Other options in wood and metal are also available. The essential thing is that the smallest animal can’t get its head through, but it’s still see-through enough to be able to keep an eye on your pet. 

If you’re considering fencing a dog run for your pet, why not schedule a free consultation? We can give you some ideas if you aren’t sure, and the result will be a safe and beautiful place to keep your dogs secure.

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