Why Hire a Professional Fence and Gate Company?

If you’re considering putting up a fence, there are a plethora of factors to take into considerations. What are my fencing needs? What kind of fences are in my neighborhood? What will the city and HOA allow? What type of material is best? Who has the skill to build it?


The answers to some of these questions come quickly to those who work for a custom fence and gate company. Today, we’re going to talk about some of the reasons people choose to hire a professional fence and gate company instead of doing it themselves, hiring a general contractor, or asking a friend or neighbor to do it. Here are some of them:

Licensed, bonded, and insured

One of the reasons to hire a professional is that you know they’re regulated. Bonding assures the completion of the job with financial backing. Licensing, while it doesn’t mean there will never be any problems, assures the homeowner that the company has some accountability through the registrar of contractors. The willingness to go these extra measures show they have the background of education and expertise.

Insurance is almost never required, but having insurance in the event something unthinkable happens is a crucial part of fencing. If someone gets hurt or damage incurred as the result of the build, insurance will cover it without involving the homeowner’s insurance.


Online reviews can be helpful since each one offers a snapshot of the interaction between company and customer. When reviews start to add up, it tells a story of interactions over time and the satisfaction or dissatisfaction of a string of customers. While this isn’t so important when a consumer is buying a burger, it’s essential when making a capital improvement such as a fence.


When fencing is a person’s sole occupation, they get to be pretty good at it. Years of experience provide a vast wealth of skills and the ability to apply those skills, so the fence and gates are completed quickly, look professional and will last for years.


Many people build their own fences. They know what they want, they have the tools and knowledge, get the permits, have the result successfully inspected, and it all works out great. But, sometimes it doesn’t work out. If the fence ends up in the wrong place, it won’t pass inspection. If it violates the rights of the neighbors, that can all be difficult to correct. Failure to take elevation into account can make a fence look wobbly or crooked.

There are also some situations which require drawing on the experience of past jobs to find the best way to handle a job, which makes a fence and gate company an even better option than a general contractor if a homeowner wants their fence and gate to be of the highest quality possible.

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Aluminum Fencing and Gates

Wrought iron has traditionally been the go-to for fencing and gates.And, while wrought iron has been used for thousands of years for jewelry and weapons, it wasn’t until the seventeenth century that artisans took over wrought iron and created the highly stylized product we find today in the world of wrought iron. But wrought iron may have to move over in the fencing industry.


Aluminum is a new alternative to wrought iron fencing. Aluminum is the up-and-coming contender for building fencing and gates, because it is strong and lightweight,  which makes aluminum is easy to install. In addition, it’s resistant to rust and requires almost no maintenance. All of these factors create solid economic reasons to use aluminum fencing.

Because it’s so durable, many aluminum fencing manufacturers offer a lifetime guarantee for aluminum fencing.  

Regulation ready

Many HOA’s and municipalities have regulations regarding what types of materials are permissible for fencing construction. Aluminum fencing fits in with these requirements, partially for the reasons listed above, and partly because it looks great and stays good looking year after year.

Pest and pet resistant

Pests such as termites and carpenter ants won’t invade aluminum fencing, which makes it a terrific choice for areas where those kinds of critters are a regular problem. It’s excellent for containing pets, as well, as long as the homeowner chooses spacing which won’t permit their small dog from squeezing between the slats.

Colors and spacing

Aluminum fencing and gates come in black, bronze, white, and even gold (by special order).  This makes it possible to use aluminum in a variety of home and commercial situations. Picket spacing can vary depending on the need and use of the fencing.

Gates are great

Aluminum gates are sturdy as well as decorative, which adds that special feel to the section of fencing which is going to be considered most representative of your home. For the home or business owner who wants to add some pizzazz to their property but doesn’t want to replace the entire fence, aluminum is a natural choice because it blends so easily with other types of materials. 

Finishing touches

In spite of its obvious security benefits, aluminum fencing can also be blended into the yard as a decorative component. Decks, patios, and pool areas can be dressed up with a relatively small length of aluminum fencing and a short gate. Rails, finals, covers, and caps can create a unique look for the property.

If you're considering a fence or gate project in the Phoenix area, Sereno Fence builds custom fencing, fence repair, custom gates, gate repair, RV gates, horse corrals, pool fence, pool gates, custom welding, and wood fences. For more information call (602) 481-1604 today!